Manage Your SEO With A Link Tracker

If you have ever had the chance to get tons of free and targeted traffic from search engines, then you surely know how much money this can make you. However, targeted traffic from search engines won’t come, if you are not popular fro your target keywords. In order to make your site popular for your target keywords, you need backlinks – many of them!

You can get thousands of backlinks from other sites and blogs or from link exchanges and this will definitely boost your rankings with search engines but if you want to do things in a really professional way, you can’ stop here.

If you’re an amateur, you can stop here but if you are a real pro, you will care about your backlinks – are they still there a month after you have posted them, or did they disappear?

backlinks disappear when webmasters take them down. Though generally the idea of backlinking isn’t that your backlink will be taken down shortly after it is up, this is what frequently happens in real life. When a backlink is taken down, this obviously doesn’t improve your rankings with search engines. This is why you need not only to post backlinks but also to check if they are still there. Manually checking thousands of backlinks to your site is an absolute waste of time – you need a better solution.

Link trackers are this better solution. link trackers store all the backlinks you have and regularly check if the backlinks are still there. If any of your backlinks is missing, the link tracker sends you a message about this.

In addition to missing links, links tracker is usually report PR of the backlinking pages well. This way you know not only that your backlink is in place but you also know if the backlink is a quality one or not.   Quality backlinks are from pages with high PR and these links are really helpful for better rankings with search engines.

Link tracking software is a must-have for every webmaster because they make the SEO process much easier. You can’t have effective link building, if you don’t use the right tools. is one of the best backlink checker tools available. It has many features and it is free. Try this free service to see how much your SEO process can be improved with its help.