White Fairy Lights: A Fairy in Disguise

Do you have a party in the coming week? Does your party set-up look dry? Do you want to make your party lively, inviting and unforgettable? Well, it’s time for you to try incorporating white fairy lights on your designs!

Fairy lights are decorative lights that were made in 1882. Traditionally, these lights emits a soft white radiance but due to popularity, demand, and desire of purchasers, these lights now come in different colors such as blue, red, green, etc.

Fairy lights are loaded with small light bulbs that can total to a minimum of 20 and reach even up to 300 bulbs. The bulbs are connected with the use of twisted or straight cables that comes in different color (white, green). The distance from one bulb to the other is about 15 cm and the distance of the first bulb from the plug is 2.5 m which is the standard count.

These lights have many features and one of which is its capability to do light effects such as chasing, twinkling, fading, waving or just the static one. Also, these lights do not turn off when one bulb is exhausted or damaged unlike the traditional decorative lights that when one is out, every bulb in the line will also be affected.

Due to the advancement of technology, LED lights are now being used to illuminate fairy lights. LED lights are advantageous over the traditional bulbs because LED lights do not produce heat that can cause device burn out. It is energy efficient thus does not eat much electricity. It is found to last up to ten years or more without any maintenance. Also, LED lights do not attract insects thus you can place these lights anywhere you want without having to think about insects!

Fairy Lights can be used for any special occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. To provide great flexibility, it is best to use the traditional white fairy light. These lights can be placed behind curtains, around plants, on the edge of the table, on the window, or even inserted in the middle of a flower for a creative masterpiece.

If you want to purchase white fairy lights to brighten up any occasion, you can buy them online. Online shops offer great deals and varieties of these string lights. Just be sure to do your purchases on trusted shops because some shops are scams that can take your money away without you receiving anything. Check also for their delivery and refund policies should there be any problems with your purchases.