Using the Best Trail Running Gaiters for Your Protection

Trail running can be a very challenging activity. If you have a hard time running over a smooth paved road then imagine the difficulty of going over a path that no motorized vehicle can go over, because that is what trail running is. You won’t be running all the time too. You might have to crawl, climb, and get your feet wet on streams and brooks that cross your path. If you have tried trail running then I am sure that you have come across the usual complaints that others have about the activity.

It’s about the stones and debris that tend to get into your shoes or hurt the lower part of your legs when you are running. They can be really annoying and they make trail running even more difficult. The good thing is that you do not have to put up with such inconveniences. Something can be done about it. You can use the best trail running gaiters that are available today in order to protect your feet and legs. Here are some tips that you can use when choosing which trail running gaiter to buy:

Lightweight- Like any tool that you are going to use for trail running, the gaiter that you pick should be lightweight. It is important that you do not add to the weight that you have to carry when running over difficult trails.

Breathable- Some runners refuse to wear gaiters because they think that they are not breathable. The thing is that it depends on the material used for the gaiter. While it is true that some brands can feel hot and uncomfortable especially when you are running, certain brands are also very breathable and can let you stay fresh.

A Good Fit- When you are shopping for a gaiter, you should try it out. Make sure that it gives you a snug fit over your running shoes. That is the only way that you can get real protection from dust and debris on the trail.

There are many gaiters that are available in the market right now and some trail running shoes have even been designed with the gaiter included with them. If you want to get the best trail running gaiter then here are two of the best running gaiters that I have seen:

Salomon S-Lab Gaiter- This gaiter is made from high quality nylon fabric. It uses a hook and loop enclosure to secure it in place. It is also equipped with straps and other attachments that are there to ensure that the gaiter is going to stay securely in place. You can buy this simple and straightforward gaiter for about $30.

Dirty Girl Gaiters- These gaiters are very simple, they are made up of a single piece of fabric that is not even waterproof neither can it wick away moisture. The good thing about Dirty Girl gaiters is that they come in different sets of prints and colours that can be a match for your character and other running gear. These are very affordable cheap running gaiters that will do the job. You can buy these gaiters for about $20.