Retractable Banner Stand – Perfect Way to Market Products and Services

Retractable Banner stand is the one of the exclusive types of Roll-up Banner stands used to advertise products and services. It provides a visual treat and is ideal for use in Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Presentations, Retail Stores, and Restaurants. The portable stand is available in different varieties, size, and shapes to suit every need. The stand is primarily made of Anodized Aluminum, a specific kind of Metallic Alloy.


Retractable stand comes with graphics pre-printed and mounted into the banner stand which makes it easy to install. It does not require the use of any additional tools for fixing the stand. It is an ideal promotional means to attract large crowds. The stand being retractable can be suitably stored in any position. The graphics printed in the banner is well-protected in a cassette which makes it long-lasting. In addition, the stand is highly portable and can be easily moved from place to place. Above all, it is durable in nature and can be utilized for varying advertising needs.

Popular types

Retractable 33 Banner stand ” This is an affordable and simple to use stand for Exhibitions, Tradeshows, and summer sale. The sturdy stand with a telescopic pole can be adjusted to a height ranging between 34-78 inches. The graphics featuring Anodized Aluminum covering can be securely stored for future references.

Posture Grid Banner stand ” This is a versatile stand perfect for use in Conferences, Clubs, and outdoor shows. It can also be used as a mobile grid in Medical or Health Clubs. The grid features a single vertical line along with eight horizontal lines surrounded by 2 squares. The installation of the stand involves few seconds and can be retracted 36 wide.

Retractable Breeze Tabletop stand ” This Silver finish stand is suitable for use to display small size full color Banners. It can be used to fit graphics measuring about 8.125 width x 13 height. Besides, the stand is a great means to draw attention during any event when placed on a Counter or Tabletop.

One-sided Mercury stand ” This one-side Laminate stand offers an elegant visual display of the graphics with the aid of Stanrite roller technique. It can be used for several types of Media substrates like Laminated Film, Fabric, and Vinyl. The stand is sold along with a travel bag.

Double sided Banner stand ” This is a trendy type of stand with Anodized Black or Silver frame finish. It is flexible in use and comes in 800, 920 and 1000 graphic sizes.

With a wide range available, it is however essential to purchase Retractable Banner stand that is handy and effective in endorsing products and services. It would also be best to seek expert help to make a budgeted choice.