What’s the Best Trail Running Headlamp?

If you think that running on unpaved trails is difficult then you should try doing it in the dark. Night time trail running is very difficult to do when you are covering unpaved roads that cannot be crossed by motorized vehicles. Each step that you take becomes a gamble and a challenge. You need to be extra careful about the roots and debris that you might come across on the ground. But there are some runners who prefer trail running at night over doing it in the daylight, because it provides lesser distractions.

If you want to try out night trail running then you need several accessories to ensure your safety on the trail. The most important of these accessories is the trail running headlamp. The best headlamp for trail running is technically a flash light that can be worn on your head. It can be used to illuminate the path that you are running along.

There are several types of running headlamps. LEDs, halogens, and fluorescent running head lights are just some of the more common lamps that are available. A headlamp for running is obviously better to use than a hand held flashlight because your hands remain free when you are running. It also automatically points to the direction in which you are looking. Since trail running is a very tough and rugged activity there are lamps with multiple sources of light and those that have been constructed with durability in mind.

If you are after the best trail running headlamp then here are some of the top choices that are available:

Primus Primelite CT

The Primus Primelite CT LED running headlamp is a very powerful headlamp that is equipped with two light sources. It comes with 6 LEDs and a Luxeon diode which can deliver a powerful and intense light. It has several levels of brightness from which you can take your pick. It’s so powerful that it can illuminate about 80 yards of your path. Although the unit is quite small you can expect it to deliver about 18 to 20 hours of illumination at at time. It is also very affordable. You can get this powerful running headlamp for about $50.

Princeton Tec Fuel

The Princeton Tec headlamp is very lightweight and powerful running headlamp. It delivers a powerful beam of light to illuminate even the most difficult and darkest of trails that you might encounter. It comes with four LEDs that will provide you with sufficient lighting of your path for an extended period.

Although you might find the design a little bulky it has been designed to counter bouncing when you are running so that wearing it should not be a problem at all. It can deliver and astonishing 160 hours of illumination so you very rarely have to change the batteries. You can buy this light for about $25.

Very similar to the Petzl TacTikka headlamp which has 4 LEDs and 3 brightness setting with a similar illumination longevity. Either are a great choice though the Primus headlamp is cheaper.

Coast H7 running headlamp

Designed with a unique combination of lenses, you can expect great lighting from this lamp. The best thing about this model is that you can adjust the light if you want a focused and concentrated delivery or a more scattered or dimmed illumination. The Coast H7 headlamp is the only lamp at the moment that offers this versatility in illumination. You can buy this lamp for about $70.

It offers a beam distance of up to 590 feet, so a very bright light but it’s main drawback is the price and the battery life of about 15 hours.

Those are just some of the best running headlamps that are available in the market today. My personal preference and the one I use is the Petzl headlamp, the TicTikka, but you can buy the Princeton Tec headlamp which is almost identical and about half the price if you are budget conscious.