Use of Plugins in Joomla

In a previous post, you have learned about what are the uses of Joomla extensions, what are the types of Joomla extensions, and how to use them in general. The Joomla extensions are as follows: components, templates, modules, lunguages, and plugins. Today, we will focus on a particular type of Joomla extension. Today, you will learn the use of plugins in Joomla.

In the Joomla framework, where modern object-oriented design patterns develops, plugins are vital. The plugins are the providers of routine of which Joomla works. Plugins are the basis of trigger events occurring in a Joomla system to make it functional. The routines associated in each plugin are executed, simultaneously, once a certain trigger event happens in the system. To put it simply, the plugin is the object in which encourages a trigger event to occur. The trigger event gives the order on the processes within the Joomla system. An efficient way of expounding the functionality of a basic Joomla is to use plugins that can execute codes in reaction to certain trigger events like the Joomla core events or custom events generated from a particular code.

In the Joomla framework, you can see in the overview that plugins are at the bottom. Plugins set as the final instruction to a system execution. An example of the function plugin is, in user-submitted articles, plugins can intercept by filtering bad words before the article is published.
Perhaps the most popular versions of Joomla are the Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6 because they are the recent ones, but did you know that prior to these two is the Joomla 1.0 version in which plugins are then called mambots? In Joomla 1.0, only contents are changed through the particular signal words from mambots. Since then, Joomla developers enthusiastically enhanced the functionality and reach of mambots and converted the name to plugins.
At present, the best plugins for Joomla, according to users’ rating, are as follows: AcaJoom, RSform!, JoomlaPack, sh404SEF, SOBI 2, JCE, Community Builder, Plugin GoogleMaps, VirtueMart, and JoomlaFCK Editor.
In the Joomla official website, you can find there the Joomla Extension Directory. You can search and choose an array of extensions, for different types, depending on your requirements and needs. Remember, before you download a particular extension, especially a plugin, make sure that you have read reviews and are satisfied with the feature of that plugin. All information you need to find is available in Joomla.