The best 5 fat-busting belly fat exercises

So I know that you are looking for some secrets that will make you lose belly fat like hell, but in fact there you will find only exercises that will answer your question on how to lose belly fat. With having that kind of information all you have to do is to implement these things in your workout routines and burn calories like hell.

1. Make your belly fat take a heavy HIIT.

Scientists at Laval University in Quebec studied the differences between high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, and regular aerobic exercise carried out at a steady rate. At the end of three months, the scientists found that HIIT resulted in three times as much fat loss, although muscle gain offset weight loss. Still, HIIT exercisers lost about half an inch of belly fat, compared to less than one-quarter of an inch from the steady-state exercisers.

What do you do to make your belly fat take a HIIT? Start your walking, jogging, bicycle, or elliptical routine as normal, and work out at an easy pace for 5 to 7 minutes. Then walk, jog, pedal, or push as hard as you can-but only for 15 seconds. Continue your exercise at an easy pace for another 45 seconds, and then work out as hard as you can for another 15 seconds. Then continue your exercise for 5 minutes at an easy pace, to be followed by two more 15-second sprints and a 5 minute cool-down.

Just four 15-second sprints triple fat loss. One minute is what you need to lose belly fat for women now.

2. Don’t do more than 50 sit-ups a week.

Does it sound good to do fewer sit-ups? The truth is, especially if you are dieting to lose fat, your body just can’t handle more than about 50 sit-ups a week. It won’t have a chance to rebuild your ab muscles into a tighter and more powerful contour. Most women lose more belly fat by doing fewer, not more, sit-ups.

3. Do one or two repetitions against the highest resistance your muscles can handle, and stop.

Women who want to lose belly fat usually make faster progress with resistance machines, like those you find in a gym, than they do with free weights. If you want to strengthen your core muscles and the extensors muscles that also support your belly, use your machine to push as hard as you can. Just stop after 1 or 2 repetitions of the highest resistance you can move.

Then give your muscles a week to rebuild and reshape themselves. It’s OK to do the same exercise once during the week at an easier resistance. This will build up endurance, and prevent injury, but it won’t flatten your tummy. It doesn’t need to. Avoiding strained muscles is an important part of progress.

4. Try working out with a Power Wheel.

The Power Wheel is a training device you put on the floor in front of you. You roll the wheel back and forth to strengthen both your abs and your core muscles.

The advantage of the Power Wheel is that, unlike a Swiss ball, you don’t have worry about the device falling out from under you, so you can use more force. You get more muscle training for less effort with a Power Wheel than with almost any other common exercise for abs, including sit-ups.

5. Instead of sit-ups, try a “hanging knee” exercise with foot straps.

Some women try to flatten their abs by doing the “hanging leg” exercise. You lie down on the floor and then raise your legs up into the air, holding them for a few moments and then gently lowering them back down. The problem with this exercise is that it places a lot of stress on the spine.

To get the same benefits for your abs without risk of injuring your back, do the exercise with foot straps attached to an exercise bar. You’ll get just as much benefit for your abs with a much lower risk of lower back pain.