Dog Walking Services

In many households today there is no-one staying at home during the daytime.  While children are at school the adults all go out to work.  This works well for everyone except the family dog.  He is left home alone, often for many hours at a time.  If he is lucky he will have a comfy dog kennel and a large run in which to get some exercise and where he can play safely.  However, many people don’t have garden’s secure enough to leave a dog in all day and so their dog is left in the house.

If you are someone who is feeling guilty because your dog is lonely, bored or anxious while you are out at work then you may like to employ someone who provides dog walking services.  You can find a local dog walker by looking on the internet or for adverts in a local paper.  Just be aware that anyone can set themselves up in this business and so you will want to get some testimonials from current customers before you entrust your dog to them.  Remember that your dog will be collected from your house and so you will need to trust this person with your door keys.

You can specify the length of walk that you would like your dog to be taken on or even if you would like him to be taken more than once in a day.  Let the walker know whether the dog is scared of anything in particular which they might meet on a walk and if he is friendly towards strangers, children and other dogs.  If he can be unfriendly then you may need to supply a muzzle.

As well as a dog walking service, some companies will also provide extras such as taking a dog to the vets if he is unwell or weekly grooming to keep his coat in good condition.