Finding the Best Trail Running Hydration Pack and the Best Hydration Pack for Running Generally

Hydration is something that you should keep in mind no matter what kind of sporting activity it is that you are engaged in. It becomes even more important in outdoor activities like trail running. Trail running takes you out into some isolated locations that cannot be accessed by motorized vehicles very easily.

That means that the area that you are going to cover in trail running is distant from any decent water source. You are going to have to carry whatever water or fluid that you are going to drink during your run. If you encounter any water source on the trail then you are in luck, but don’t rely on luck. So if you want to have an idea about the best trail running hydration pack that is available in the market right now then here are 3 of the best hydration packs for runners:

Salomon XT Advanced Skin 5 S-Lab Pack

Salomon has made a name for itself by making some of the best sport’s equipment for runners and other athletes. Their running shoes are highly regarded by runners everywhere as some of the best performing running footwear available.

The Salomon XT Advanced Skin 5 S-Lab Pack is a continuation of the high quality that they use for their products. This pack is designed to carry the basics for your trail running needs and you are not going to feel like you have a backpack attached to your back at all. It has pockets on the side for easy access of small items.

This hydration pack has an easy and very secure fit that can be adjusted with ease. You don’t need to worry about the pack bouncing around as it fits snugly and securely. It has plenty of pockets so you can keep different items separated. It has a water pouch that can be filled easily and a thermal fabric that keeps the temperature of the fluid consistent with the temperature it is at when added. The only downside to this pack is its steep price. This hydration water pack for runners from Salomon is around $180.

Camelback XCT Hydration Pack

When it comes to hydration packs Camelback is one of the biggest names around and one of the most trusted. These Camelback hydration pack are perfect not just for trail runners but for anyone who is engaged in extreme outdoor sports.

The running hydration pack is equipped with hip pockets that are zipped and mesh pockets on the shoulder strap that allows easy access to your most essential gear while you are on the move. The best part of this pack is its reservoir for fluids which can let you hydrate while on the go. It is even equipped with reflective strips that are a safeguard for when running in the dark. You can buy this best hydration pack for running at about $80.

Osprey Viper 4 Hydration Backpack

This is an affordable alternative to the high end hydration packs. This does not mean that you are losing anything when it comes to quality. This is a very lightweight and rugged outdoors hydration pack and has enough reservoir space to provide your water needs during any kind of short outdoor trips. You can buy these cheap hydration packs for about $65.

These are just 3 of the best hydration backpacks available now. You can’t go wrong choosing any of them, but they are in order of my personal preference in case you were wondering.