Painted Children’s Table and Chairs

Children need a spot to call their own, one where they can read, draw, play or just be creative. A special set of childrens table and chairs will be just right to do the trick. There are a variety of table and chair sets, and finding the right one will make a child very happy.

Painted sets are very nice as they can be longer lasting as well as personalized. Sometimes these can be done by the parents if they happen to be artistic, or they can be custom ordered. What is nice about this is they can be incorporated into the decor of the room and also have some of the child’s personality shown in the design.

Personalization is nice for boys or girls, and kids always love seeing their name on their things. Whether the piece is decorated with hearts and flowers, giant polka dots or stripes and sailboats, the colorful design will be sure to make it a favorite place to be. If personalizing with a name, it is a good idea to personalize the chair rather than the table if there is a chance any other siblings may come along to share the table!

Because painted furniture is most often wood, it is longer lasting and more durable than some of the plastic children table and chair sets. However, it is usually more expensive as well. If this is something to be kept for a while, it may be worth the investment. If needed, the furniture can be painted over perhaps for a grandchild in years to come.

Though painted wooden furniture may be more costly than plastic, the personalization and custom design can make it an heirloom piece. The higher quality material will also insure that it will last through the years. Children will love a custom chair and table set to call their own.