Halogen oven: Alternative way of Cooking

If you are looking for an alternative way of cooking that requires less time and money in preparing foods – then worry no more. With a halogen oven – baking, roasting, defrosting, broiling and grilling can be made possible with this single product only. It has also proved to cook foods 40% faster than the other oven. For example, cooking a whole roast chicken will only require 1 hour and 10 minutes at 400° Fahrenheit on a halogen oven, on the other hand, cooking it with conventional oven would take you two hours to have your chicken cooked.

The method of heating the food is similar with broilers and toasters – it uses infrared to transfer heat using light waves. Halogen oven is equipped with fan to distribute the heat equally. The range of temperature is from 190 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Frozen foods can be cooked directly in the oven because these halogen ovens won’t require defrosting or preheating. The heat can penetrate the food, and the distribution of heat is even, unlike microwave cooking which provides hot and cold spots in your food.

The timer that halogen ovens have is more convenient; it allows you to pre-set the oven so it would turn on automatically on the time that it was set. It also won’t heat up or scatter the smell of food in the kitchen for it is smoke free and odor free. The height of the stainless steel grill can be adjusted based on your preference. With the two additional racks, you can cook two foods at once.

Every halogen oven has a transparent glass, which makes the food very visible while it’s being cooked –unlike the conventional oven, you won’t have to open it to check the food. It has easy-grip handles, it and is easy to carry, and it won’t consume a lot of space. Except for the halogen power head, the rest of the oven is safe for dishwashers. Some of these products also have an exceptional self cleaning function, so the customer won’t have to undergo the hassles of washing these ovens.

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