The Bed Reading Pillow

Many people enjoy reading in their beds. Studies have shown that reading a book before going to sleep helps you to relax, and gives you a better nights sleep. This depends, of course, on the type of book you are reading. Some people can’t even get to sleep unless they have read a little first. A common complaint amongst people who read in bed is aches and pains the following day, in the neck or the back. This is because beds are not made for reading, and the positions we end up in while reading are not good for our posture, and put strain on our muscles. The easiest way to alleviate this problem is to get a pillow specifically designed for reading in bed.

The people who develop these types of pillows have put time and effort into ensuring that they provide you with the correct support while reading in bed. There are many different styles of bed reading pillows, and they are a must for anyone who is a bookworm in bed. Out of all the styles that you can get, the most popular pillow for reading is the wedge shaped one. The wedge pillow is the shape of a triangle. The “arms” sit either side of your neck and shoulders and provide you with a comfortable reading position. Alternatively, you can have it at a steeper angle, which will allow you to sit more upright in bed. Some people find that having two wedge pillows available gives them more options to position themselves comfortably.

While the wedge pillow is a very affordable option, if you have a little more money to spare, you may want to consider getting the more luxurious armchair style pillow. These pillows are basically like an armchair, without the legs. They have support for the back, as well as somewhere to rest your arms. The arms on the pillow are especially designed to accommodate bed sheets and blankets. Some even have headrests that can be attached for even more support of the head and neck.