How to detect Bedbugs

A number of vacuums and air purifiers claim they can remove bedbugs and other insects from your home so you can live peacefully but do they really work the way they say they do? In order to find out if you have bed bugs, you will need to contact a pest control company. Most bed beds are difficult to detect as the nymphs are transparent in color and the adults turn reddish-brown. A bed bug is generally very small and they are hard to see with the naked eye unless they are in groups.

Contact a certified Tucson bugs inspector to come to your home and inspect it for bed bugs and other infestations. A bed bug is normally detected due to the problems they leave behind. If you wake up and you see welts on your body or you notice there are blood stains in your sheets, you have bed bugs. Like mosquitoes, they suck blood from their victims so it is easy to tell if you have a bed bug as some blood will get on your sheets and you may see some on your body as well.

One other way to tell if you have bed bugs is to notice how the room smells. Does it have an odor like rotten almonds? If you can tell the room has a smell, it is most likely related to the infestation of bed bugs. You can also tell you have a nest it you see small stains on your  bed or carpet, the stains tend to look like rust.

In order to kill bed bugs, you need to air out your mattress. Take it outside and let it sit under the sunlight for several hours. Then you also need to use some disinfectant spray to help eliminate bed bugs. Keep your linens clean in order to prevent them from occurring again. For more tips on how to eliminate bed bugs visit