How to use Beer Pong Tables to Grow your Brand

Most of us that went to college in the past decade don’t need to be convinced that beer pong is an extremely popular game among college age and young professional people. Just enter the vicinity of any university throughout the country and you are bound to run into some beer pong play and beer pong tables at parties, homes, bars and even tailgates. This social drinking game, beer pong, emerged at Dartmouth University back in the 50s. Now, the game is ubiquitous at universities and bars accorss the US and continues to grow; According to a recent academic study 60%-80% of surveyed college  students play beer pong. As a business owner, this trend can be used to your advantage.  In order to facilitate the game, players must have a playing surface, or beer pong table. Businesses can brand beer pong tables and use them as standing, portable billboards on which to promote their brand. Here is why a beer pong table is an effective marketing medium:
–           According to one recent academic, people play beer pong because it creates a social environment and a sense of camaraderie. If your brand is associated with this fun, social environment, there is certainly a positive association.

–          Beer Pong Tables are nontraditional marketing medium and will stand out. Unlike magazine or TV ads, which are everywhere all the time, beer pong tables are creative and unique. One problem that many marketers face is an oversaturation of marketing that causes their brand or product to become diluted. It is inevitable to be drowned out when you use the same methods as everyone else, especially if you don’t have a million dollars to spend.

–          You can gift beer pong tables to businesses or groups that will use them frequently and marketing will occur naturally. For example, create 10 custom beer pong tables with you brand on them and distribute them to bars, fraternities, tailgaters etc. Now your brand will naturally circulate among your market, and there is no work in it for you. You may even be able to get some bars to split the cost of the tables.

–          Bring beer pong tables to marketing events. At the event, allow attendees to shoot pong balls into a cup on the other side of the table for a small prize. You will be the most popular vendor there. This friendly challenge will break up the monotony of any marketing event and will attract people.  Raffle the table off and in the process obtain contact information from participants. You will get tons of contacts this way (You can even do a business card drop raffle to keep it simple).