Preparing for the Best Running Challenge: Half Marathon Training Plan

Long distance running is one of the toughest activities that one can engage in. It requires a lot from the runner physically and mentally. One has to be prepared for it in the right way. Even a half marathon is a tough event that one has to prepare for. If you have signed up for a half marathon, you need prepare for it like it is a full marathon that you are going to run on. There are more half marathon events that you can join and this because of the increasing popularity of the activity. One reason why it is becoming more popular these days is because new runners can finish it more easily than a full race. It is a tough challenge but as a running goal it can be achieved more realistically than a full marathon. Even experienced runners are joining the half marathon events today. They find it useful for boosting their endurance and their stamina for the long full marathons that they usually run. The good thing about a half marathon is that you can bounce back from running a lot more faster as compared with a full marathon.

In a half marathon training plan there are always four basic components that must always be present, and these are:

Speed Work- This part of your training means running at the same pace that you intend to use on the race and sometimes going faster than that. This improves the strength of the cardiac system and the mental toughness that is very crucial to the race. It also improves the biomechanical efficiency of the muscles as it moves.

Long Runs- These are the kind of runs that follow the distance of the race or maybe even longer but. They can help build strength and endurance in the body.

Easy Runs- These are the sort of runs that are very easy to do. If you are running with a companion, you should be able to talk to each other comfortably while running when doing an easy run. In doing this type of run you should be able to feel that you can go faster.

Rest- In half marathon training rest means rest. It means that you are not doing anything at all in connection with your training. You are giving your muscles the chance to recuperate and recover from the hardship that it has gone through.

Training Proper- As you start your training process, you need to increase the amount of runs that you do. Start with the long runs and then include the total mileage that you do each week. This is needed in order to ensure that you are going to be able to handle running for about two to three hours, which is approximately the time that you can cover the half marathon distance. The secret is to gradually increase your pace and your mileage until it reaches the level that you desire. The secret is that you must do it gradually and never push yourself to the limit. You might end up injuring yourself if you try too much too soon.

Race Day- On the day of the race, try to rein yourself during the first mile or so. Run at a slower speed than what you feel you should. Stop at all the stopping stations and take half minute breaks.