3 Great Ways To Make Commission Income From Home

Making a commission based income from home is very easy. There are several great strategies you can use to supplement or even replace your full time job or regular income stream. Some of the following might help.

1. Bum Marketing
This is a straightforward method of writing articles and including affiliate links within them. When someone clicks on the affiliate link you embed within the article and purchases the product, you earn a commission. Easy, immediate and very simple to set up and run. Once you have written and distributed your article you can find it brings in revenue for years to come.

2. Blog Marketing
Pretty much the same idea as above, but this time you rely on affiliate links on your own blog. If you get the traffic you can be very successful with this method, but often people find it difficult to keep coming up with fresh ideas to write about. One way to overcome this is to make sure the topic for your blog is wide enough. If you are a keen shrimp fisherman for instance, don’t just write about shrimp fishing but start off writing about all types of fishing.

3. Venue Finding
This one’s a bit different and not many people know about it. Here you offer your services as a venue finder to local or national businesses and help them find suitable venues for their meetings, conferences, training courses and so on. Because you offer them your service free of charge they are happy to give you the job and you then take a commission from the venue you book them in to. It’s fun work and also has quite a few lifestyle perks. Free meals out and free accommodation in 5 star hotels for instance! Unlike the commission payments you receive from online affiliate marketing efforts which are often only a dollar or two, the commissions you receive for your for your efforts as a venue finder often run to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you are wondering how to make extra money on a full or part-time basis venue finding is definitely worth considering.