The Hunt for the Cheapest Snapback Hat

The truth is that a couple of years ago I thought that 80s fashion was lame. Every time I saw an old clip of guys from that period I made fun of the way that they dressed. Almost everybody felt the same way that I did. Compared with the 60s, the 80s was lacking in a lot of things, like music, monumental events and of course fashion. That was how I felt back then. Seems though that things have changed. Now fashion from the 80s is back with a vengeance. No one’s laughing now when you see guys wearing dud that were popular more than 20 years ago.

I’m one of the last ones to hold out. I still refused to wear clothes that are inspired by that period, but there is one 80s stuff that I think is really cool. That’s the snapback hat. This hat is usually designed with the colors and logos of our favorite college and professional sports teams. The most popular ones are of course the ones with the names of the most popular teams. Although it my have gone out of fashion, its stylishness never really diminished, and right now with its popularity growing back again you can wear snapback hats out in the street and be the epitome of stylishness.

Not only do I wear these hats I am also starting to collect them as memorabilia. I think that they are great artifacts of the history of fashion and popular culture and besides they may become really valuable in the future, especially the hard to find ones.

Now in building up a collection what I need is to find a source of cheap snapback hats. I’m not actually on the lookout for the cheapest snapback hats but I want a source that could give me real quality at low prices. So far online shopping sites are the best source that I have discovered. I am getting really good discounts when I purchase from them in bulk. A plus that you get when you buy hats in bulk is that sometimes rare hats can get mixed up and that would cover for the whole order already. Don’t count on finding those rare ones though. Online shopping sites will give you a good deal already without any mix up.

You might also want to try what I am doing I sell off some of the excess hat that I have to some of my friends.