Sweatshirts For Sports – What To Think About!

There are many kinds of people, many different occasions and many different kinds of sweatshirts. But one thing is for sure: there are so many sweatshirts on the market today, that there is a sweatshirt for just about everybody. What kind of sweatshirt you want to buy for yourself, heavily depends on the kind of activity (or non activity) that you are planning to undertake while wearing your sweatshirt. If you are going to be using it to relax around the house, lounging on the couch and other similar activities, then you are going to need a different kind of sweatshirt than you would need if you would play sports.

If you intend to play a lot of sports, especially outside, then you will do yourself a favor by buying a hooded sweatshirt that has a zipper. The hood is something that you can use for when you are sporting outside and it is getting cold. A zipper will also come in handy for when you are starting to get a little hot and you need to cool down. This can happen very frequently when you are playing sports. I know this from experience. The problem with pullover sweatshirts is that you can only be wearing them or not be wearing them. There is no way to ventilate yourself. You can only take them off.

What is also important for sweatshirts that you are going to use for sports, is that the fabric that they are made of is mostly cotton. Some shirts are 100% cotton, but others also have polyester in them. Cotton makes a shirt soft, warm and very durable, because cotton is a very strong material. It’s okay if there is around 20% polyester in them, but it should never be much more. Polyester doesn’t really breathe very well and it can make a person build up a real sweat. So never get shirts with too much polyester for playing sports. Cotton is a much better material for outdoor activity sweatshirts!

If you are the sporty type, then Russell sweatshirts are the ones you need to have. Check out this Russell Athletic Men’s Dri Power Crew Neck Fleece Sweatshirt. That’s going to keep you warm for sure. If you’re a little taller than average, then you may want to check out this Russell Athletic Men’s Big Tall Basic Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Great shirts for either jogging or hanging around on the couch!