How To Customize The Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen brought the Volkswagen Golf to market in 1974, and has reworked on it many times over in the past, and recently it released the Volkswagen MK6. Volkswagen Golf happens to be one of the favorite cars for the people who love customizing the cars. This is one reason why many street racers choose the Golf cars for customization. It is simply because of the fact that the car offers a lot of space for customizing. Lets get into how you can customize the Volkswagen golf cars.

Your Car Needs A Better Road Grip

If you need a customized car, then you should definitely have better road grip, and this can be done by replacing the stock tires with the 18-19 inch branded tires from companies like momo and BBS. These tires make your car stick to the road while turning and accelerating. These happen to be alloy wheels. In case you have the used cars volkswagen golf mk1 or A1, then you can go for alloy wheels of dia 15″.

You Don’t Need Extra Chairs

If you are really determined to turn your used volkswagen golf into a war machine, then it is a good thing to get rid of the extra chairs at the back. In fact you can remove all the seats, and install the sport seats which are light in weight and strong in strength. Recaro is one such company which makes sport seats, and also replace the steering wheels with a sport steering wheel from company like momo.

How Good Is Your Engine?

If you have a very old used volkswagen golf, then probably you should replace the old engine with the new one. You can probably add a V6 engine for a better performance. If you decide to stick with the present engine, then at least you should change the air filters and add extra exhausts.

These are just few things you can do to customize volkswagen golf.