Article Marketing: Writing An Informative Article

Article marketing is a method used to drive traffic to a product on the internet for the purpose of selling that product and earning a profit. The key to success is to be informative and entertaining enough that the reader follows through and clicks on a hyperlink – sending them to a landing page where the products can be purchased.

Bum article marketing is a term that many will love to learn about. Here a person can earn money without any monetary investment whatsoever. Thus the term – bum marketing. Below is some information about Article marketing.

The Title

A dynamic title will give the writer a great chance of landing the reader. It is like bait to a fish. The title is the most single important part of the article. It must be compelling otherwise the reader will look for one that is. A reader that is seeking information wants to be enlightened. The second most important part of the article is the summary.

The Summary

Now that you have hooked the person seeking information, your first 3-5 sentences must detail what the article is all about. The information should be compelling and not sales oriented – at least not yet. The summary peaks the reader’s interest so that they will continue reading. Bum article marketing can be fun, especially when the article marketing writer is successful.

The Article Body

Since most articles are used to drive and direct traffic to the next step, it is important that the written word be easy to understand and flows with ease. Each paragraph should contain at least three sentences and no more than four. This gives the reader a chance to absorb and reflect on what they just read, and allows them time for a breather.

Paragraphs that are too long will make the reader feel like the article is too hard to read. There should be plenty of white space so the person seeking information can take in small chunks of information at a time. The writer should stay with the subject and leave the fluff at home. The successful article will drive readers to buy.