Mini Marathon Training Schedule and Tips

Running on a mini marathon is one of the best ways that a runner can start on long distance running. While running on a marathon can take a long time of preparation and can take a huge toll on the physical strength of a runner, a mini marathon is an excellent way of exercising without causing the tremendous amount of damage on the body that a full marathon can do.

Despite the fact that a mini marathon is a lot easier to finish than a full marathon; you still have to prepare for it in the right manner if you want to finish the race. Here are some tips that you can use in training for a mini marathon:

The Right Apparel- Wearing the right kind of apparel when running on a mini marathon is just as important as when you are running on a full marathon. Let’s start with shoes. Continuous running can cause injury to the legs and the feet because of the impact caused by running. The right kind of footwear can absorb a portion of the shock from running. If you have the right kind of shoe with the proper cushioning then your shoe can be useful for preventing leg injury.

Picking the right kind of clothes to wear during the race is important as well. Never wear cotton t- shirts that can get soaked with sweat and slow you down. Pick clothes that are, made from materials that can wick away moisture from the body. Another piece of tool that can be useful to a runner especially during his training period is the modern running watch, which is more than just a timepiece. It can measure distance, speed, and even the heart rate of a runner and all that data can be very useful.

Mini Marathon Training Schedule- If you are serious about your running then you have to pick a mini marathon training schedule that can really help you to improve your performance. Make sure that you run for four days per week and you should never run for more than two days in a row. You must give your legs and the rest of your body enough chance to recover from the strain of running. Your training schedule should include long runs, speed work, cross training, and rest periods. These are the essential components of a training program for a mini marathon.

Stretching- Research has shown that stretching right before a run is not a good idea, but it is still recommended that runners stretch right after running. Stretching after a long run can help the leg muscles to recover properly from the damage that it has sustained in running.

Warm Bath- Do not take a warm bath after running since that can cause the inflammation of the muscles to increase which is going to slow down on the recovery process.

These are just some of the things that can make your running on a mini marathon a sure success. With this tips you can surely hit all of your goals.