Why Is Running Good for You: The Reasons

Running is a very common activity. People run for different reasons, each with a specific aim or purpose that is meant to be achieved. Its most simple explanation is as another means for thrusting one’s body forward, with nearly the same purpose as walking, but with basic differences. Running can also be viewed as a sport, a competitive thing that athletes undertake, usually to determine which one is the fastest. And then running is also done to keep the body fit and healthy. It is done by both those who are already in a good state of fitness and who are only looking to maintain it, and by those who desire to improve their health.

Listing It Down

Few would contend that running is good for the body. And why would they when it is a fact that has been established by experts. It certainly becomes harder to dispute the fact when scientists and fitness gurus agree on it. The best way to put any argument against it to rest is by listing all the good things that running can do for your body. If that doesn’t convince the skeptics, then nothing else will.

• Running has been proven to help in making sure that we get to live longer. Of course the condition is that we need to get into running first, and after that, be able to do it regularly and properly. Extensive studies have shown that people who are working out regularly have an almost twenty percent chance of avoiding premature death. This means that they work at a minimum time of about two hours each week.

• The health benefits that would be felt most would be the ones concerning blood pressure and cholesterol levels. People who run regularly, particularly those who usually log around ten miles a week, at the minimum, are nearly forty percent assured of not needing any medications for high blood pressure. Add to that the fact there is thirty four percent less chance of needing any medication for cholesterol.

• Another excellent benefit from running is the development of endurance. When you are already running regularly, you can readily notice the effect as you do not tire as easily when you were just starting out. That is a really good sign right there that you are in good health, and allows you to do more activities than ever before. And then there’s what most men would consider to be one of the best physical benefits of running, avoiding erectile dysfunction. This has been proven to be true for men who have been constantly burning at least three thousand calories a week.

• Our bones get stronger as a result of running constantly. Our body usually reacts to what we do to it. So if we are just sitting all day long, as what usually happens in the office, and then proceeds with that even when we have time to be active, our bones certainly become weaker because of that. Through running, we demand more from our bodies, and one answer is that our bones become much stronger.

• One more benefit from running goes beyond the physical aspects of our bodies. I am talking about the psychological effect that it tends to have on us, as we definitely gain in self confidence. We become surer of what we are able to do, and that is reflected in our entire personality.