Perfume Review: Chloé Perfume By Chloé

This Chloe fragrance from 1975 should not be confused with the current one (2008) with the same name. Whereas you will find many reviews of the new Chloé perfume, the old one is often being neglected, but as it is still on the market (although not always easy to find), I thought it would be a good thing to write a brief review about it.

The opening has classic, intense floral notes (probably ylang-ylang), closely reminding of Narcisse, also by Chloé perfumes, and Beautiful perfume by Estee Lauder, which is another classic fragrance for women. In the middle phase, the chypre nature of this fragrance is even more intense, thanks to resinous notes, supporting the floral notes, where sweet jasmine and garden rose add to the ylang-ylang. The notes of resin become dominant, but the floral don’t disappear and indeed evolve and become more sophisticated: jasmine is more aromatic, and more flowers aggregate, like lemon blossom, iris and violet. In the base notes, the resins tend to disappear and it all becomes sweeter, with a vague hint of vanilla.

Like many fragrances of the seventies, this Chloé perfume is mainly floral. It is a classic fragrance, through and through, but not overly intense, and this is one of the reasons why, after more than 30 years, it doesn’t smell “old” and it is still sold.

In the office, it is ageless and timeless, so it can be worn by pretty much any woman who wants to project a clean and simple feminine image. For an evening use, it’s suitable for an informal after-work drink, when, after 9-10 hours, the resinous notes have almost disappeared. For a proper night out on the other hand, when it has been just sprayed, the resins make it more formal, and more adult.

The romantic side is where this perfume most shows its age. It certainly used to adhere to the idea of seductive notes when it came out, but now the competition of more recent fragrances can be fierce.