Consider An Automatic Pet Feeder

One of the best ways to automate some of your pet related chores is with the use of an automatic pet feeder and pet fountain. There are a wide range of these pet accessories on the market, so it pays to take a little time and see which ones have the best features that would fit into your situation. Are you away from home all day, or for multiple days at a time? Or perhaps you are home all day and are just looking for a way to have more free time to enjoy with your pets and family as opposed to filling water and food bowls multiple times per day. There are versions of these fountains and feeders on the market for pretty much any situation.

One of the most popular feeders is the LeBistro Automatic Pet Feeder, which is made by Petmate. This feeder is available in multiple sizes, and can be programmed to distribute your pet’s food at whatever time you choose. The size of the meal can be preset as well, making this a real set it and forget it solution to feeding your pets.

There are other types of feeders on the market that can feed your pet for up to a full week. Small compartments are filled with your food of choice, and the timer is set so that a new compartment of food will open at the set time each day. When combined with a pet water fountain, this makes it possible for you to go away either on vacation or to conduct business for an extended period without having to board your pets. Cats just need a litter box, and dogs can simply be walked a couple of times per day by a friend or someone you hire.

If you want to make your life easier, and help your pets be healthier and happier by getting regular meals and plenty to drink, you should consider adding a pet feeder and fountain to your home. There are versions that will accomodate multiple pets at the same time, or smaller versions for a single cat or small dog household.