How to Use Rapidshare

Rapidshare is just one of the many file-hosting websites available in the Internet. With Rapidshare, anyone who has signed up and created an account with this site can upload and or download content files which can also be shared among users from Rapidshare servers. The content files users can upload and download from Rapidshare are music, videos, movies, television series, photos, games, and software applications. What sets Rapidshare apart from other file-hosting website is the company’s campaign to provide easy file management via its drag-n-drop feature and it is proud to claim that it is an anti-waiting company. Waiting too long is a common complaint of people who upload or download contents from the Internet, and so Rapidshare developed a system that will keep the users company while waiting for their files to uploaded or downloaded. This system is called the anti-waiting lounge.

Below you’ll find a quick tutorial on how to use Rapidshare:

Once you have made an account and verified it with them, you can start managing your personal files, optimizing your account settings, structure your files, recharge your Rapids, and organize your LinkLists.

Typically, Rapidshare is being used by users to upload and share certain files. These are not complicated to accomplish. To upload a file, you must have a Rapidshare account. Go to the homepage and you will see a yellow link UPLOAD FILE. Click on that then you will have access on the Rapidshare file uploader. Browse into your computer files the one which you want to upload then select it. When the uploading is complete, you will be given a unique download URL that contains your file.

To share a file to friends and family, simply give them the download URL of the particular file. They must copy and paste the URL in the address bar then enter to access the file.

Now, downloading is a different story. Since Rapidshare is sensitive with copyright issue,
files with copyrighted materials are not accepted, thus automatically removed from the Rapishare server. In downloading a file, you will be asked if you are a premium or free user. Thus, if you have a Rapidshare account, it is best to log in to your account first in order to prevent complicated downloading issues.

Rapidshare offers a RapidPro account that has no restrictions when it comes to file storage, file transfer, and tapping protection. Rapids, or online vouchers, are being used also to serve as credits for you to purchase features from the Rapidshare shop. Rapids are stored in your account for your convenience. A number of rapids are equivalent to an amount in euro. For more details, please visit