A Classic Academic Approach to Online Adjunct Teaching Positions

College instructors teaching on an adjunct basis for traditional post-secondary academic institutions can earn more money from college teaching if they use a classic academic approach to acquiring multiple online adjunct teaching positions with online bachelor degree programs and online master’s degree programs. The first task is to ask if distance education technology has matured to the point during the last ten or so years to make bachelors degrees online and online master’s degrees as common as the physical college campuses that cover the land.

The answer is that accredited online college degree programs are readily available at every turn. If there is any doubt about this simply observe the advertising for the different for-profit colleges that offer their student populations the chance to earn an online masters in education, an online masters degree in school counseling or an online rn to bsn degree from their personal computers.

New and returning college students, including the non-traditional college students that make up the majority of student populations in colleges and universities today, are dealing with tremendous stress on their personal and professional schedules as a result of family responsibilities and employment obligations. They truly appreciate the convenience afforded them by online college classes, which can be attended at any time of the day or night since it is not necessary to drive a vehicle to a remote physical area of town and sit in a poorly maintained college classroom at hours that are decided by the college and university administrators.

This active participation in online degree programs on the part of college students illustrates another classic academic approach to the economic validity of the online adjunct income that can be derived by teaching online. The large numbers of college students already enrolled in online college degree programs is a sound indication of how large the academic marketplace is given that the cost effectiveness of online college courses versus physical classrooms are for academic institution struggling with skyrocketing maintenance expenses.

The definition of a classic academic approach to an issue is to determine if there is actual evidence of the validity of a question. That is, is the question a valid question, and when the question concerns the existence of enough distance education technology to actually create a large enough number of online adjunct teaching positions that will generate multiple income streams for college teachers that master the time management skills and acquire the technical ability to navigate ten or twelve online college courses every day, then the proof must be determined by factors external to the immediate query.

Certainly, the presence of wide spread advertising for online college degree programs coupled with the growing enrollment of new and returning college students in online degree programs and the sheer cost savings derived by not having to maintain the large physical college campuses illuminates the current and potential growth of a legitimate career field for online adjunct instructors. This is how a classic academic approach to online adjunct teaching positions is employed to help college instructors make valid decisions.