A Few Ideas About Ladies Perfume

How often have you made the mistake of putting on too much ladies perfume? You are completely dressed for a company dinner, your child comes scurrying down the hall, to give you a hug, and BAM! half a bottle of scented liquid is running down your slacks! There is no time to change, and your guests are having a difficult time focusing on the meal. Here are a few ideas about fragrance, to put it into a bit of perspective.

Our wonderful noses are equipped with what has been labeled the olfactory nerve. This outstanding device, is what allows us the ability to smell. A problem occurs when this nerve is over excited, making people ill with the urge to vomit, or excruciating headaches. Good smells are an aphrodisiac only when they are not suffocating.

There are times, in life, when a little bit of aggression is required. Wearing botanic lady perfumes is absolutely not one of those times! Light, airy scents, which gently tickle the nose, are usually the preference of the day. You are a strong, powerful woman; your scent does not need to be.

The origins of the name “perfume” started with the Latin vernacular. “Per” signifies “through” and “fumus” signifies “smoke”. As time went on, French society decided the appropriate labeling should be “parfum” for scented vapor which we now give the title of incense. The history of the earth is blanketed with implications of the way smells have influenced our lives.

About forty centuries ago (yes, that is a very long time), the civilizations of Mesopotamia ascertained the firsthand perfume in the configuration of incense. Antediluvian communities kindled a variety of magnificent smelling resins, woods, and herbs for their worshiping services. These same resins, and woods, and herbs were also drowned in liquids, such as water, and even oil, to be utilized afterward for placement on the body of those living, and dead.

In case you were wondering, the Greek populace has been given the privilege to claim the title for fabricating the pioneering perfume concoction. Their mixtures were quite different, varying from what we use in this day and age. There was no need for alcohol to be used in the fusions, as their carriers were substantial oils blended with delectable powders.

We have come a long way since then. But, does that mean we have a superior product, or an inferior product, now? Let your nose be the judge.