Fixing a Clogged Toilet Without Harmful Chemicals

Clogged toilets are an annoying part of life. When you know the options for dealing with this problem, it can help you decide which option is best for you.

One option is to use a plunger. While this may sound simple, it is important to know there are various kinds of plungers. They are not all alike. The two basic types of plungers appropriate for a clogged toilet include the standard, flat plunger, and the plunger with a force cup. Although either style will work equally well on basic clogs, those with force cups are usually better for tougher clogs, or clogs which are further down into the pipe. If you choose a standard plunger, it is important to use one which is specifically made for toilets, rather than sinks. Standard plungers made specifically for toilets have longer handles than those made for sinks.

A second option is a chemical clog-removing product. While this is an option to be noted, it is generally not the best option. Not only do these products rarely work as well as advertised, toxic chemicals can be dangerous. These chemicals are as bad for the environment as they are for your family.

Another option is easier and safer. In most cases, this simpler method also works the best. You can unclog your toilet with basic products which you probably already have at home. Plain, non-toxic liquid dish-washing soap can surprisingly sometimes work as a clogged toilet drain. In addition, although it may sound strange, shampoo will provide the same effect. All you need to do is pour approximately one cupful of either product into the bottom of the toilet. Next, follow it with hot water. Simply fill a clean plastic milk container, or similar container, with hot tap water, and pour it in. The soapy consistency of the dish liquid or soap, combined with the hot water, is usually enough to cause most clogs to flow through the pipes. This method is not as messy as using chemical products and plungers, and works amazingly well.

For the most stubborn clogs, you may need to have your toilet repaired by a professional plumber. The plumber will use a product known as a snake. While there is virtually no clog that cannot be removed by toilet snakes, hiring plumbers can be expensive. It is better to try one of the other methods first. You may be surprised to find that basic products you have in your home work quite well.