Can Running Reduce Body Fat Effectively?

The lure and challenge of having a regular sport has been beckoning to me for some time. I want the challenge that it presents, I don’t just want to experience once or for a temporary period of time, I actually want to be able to do it regularly and also to excel in it if I could. A major reason for my feeling that way was because I have always been inactive and never really been involved in any kind of prolonged physical activity that I have enjoyed. Aside from the sports that I was forced to play while in school, I really haven’t been involved in any. And I did not see any reason to correct that, not until now.

Realization came after I became conscious of my health. Several friends and even family members who were of the same age were beginning to experience some serious health issues, and I became genuinely concerned. In a way, I began to fear for my health, and that led to my decision to choose a sport to actively participate in. That decision became quite important, especially since I have indeed packed on quite a few pounds over the years. And since losing fat is one of my main reasons, along with improving my stamina and flexibility, I chose running as my sport.

Running Away From Fat

So can running reduce body fat effectively? That was one of the main things that I am going to find out as my workouts progress. Although my research has verified that indeed, running is a good way to shed off excess body fat because it helps burns calories, I’d still like to test and see for myself. As one of the primary aerobic exercises, I am already much aware that running can indeed help me build up my endurance and stamina. It can also somehow aid me in becoming a little stronger physically and more flexible. These are already considerable benefits from running, but the foremost one for me is still shedding off body fat.

To make sure that I get the best possible results, I am carefully planning my workouts. For the first few weeks I will be going on runs that only last about 20 minutes at the most. Later on I could go on longer runs as I build up my endurance and strength. At the same time I am going on an improved diet that would limit my intake of fat, sugar and salty foods. Carbo loading is important in running so I cannot go eeasy on my carbs. I have no reason to doubt that I can achieve my ultimate target of reducing body fat and improving my physical and overall well-being.