The Tratak Meditation

Meditation is a popular practice that has been proven to be beneficial for the human mind, body, and soul. Total relaxation and regeneration must be achieved in order to fully appreciate this practice. And, the focus must be on the mind to achieve mental clarity. In meditation, people withdraw all inhibitions to welcome and embrace optimism and balance in life. Nowadays people are normally preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of city living that they find it too difficult to give themselves a break and relieve themselves from stress.

The body is easier to relax than the mind when doing meditation. In order to fully relax the mind, one needs to concentrate well. And so, if you are having problems concentrating in meditation, the Tratak meditation may be the best solution.

The Tratak meditation is an example of the many kinds of meditation techniques. Fixed gazing or steady gazing, also known as the Tratak, is an ancient form of meditation that makes concentration the focal point and purpose of the meditation practice.

The Technique

There are two material requirements when doing the Tratak meditation: the yantra and OM. The yantra is like a mantra, but the former is an object unlike the latter which is a phrase or sentence to be repeated. Yantra are different geometrical diagrams of different designs that serve to focus the mind and eyes. Whereas, the OM is how one calls the symbol or object of concentration in Tratak. If not yantra, the most common symbol or object of concentration in Tratak meditation is the candle light. In fact, some even calls Tratak as a candle gazing technique.

Sit in an upright position. Infront of you, place a lighted candle on top of a small table, high enough for the candle light to be on your eye level. The candle must be at least three feet or 90 cm away from you. Regulate your breathing and relax. Without blinking, gaze at the object: the light of the candle. Do not stare on it blankly. Gaze at steadily, actively concentrating on the presence of the object at hand. It is important to gaze on it at a single point, because in that way, your mind becomes single pointed as well, allowing rigid concentration. Try not to let other thoughts entertain your mind. When you feel well-concentrated and at the same time can no longer keep your eyes open, slowly close your eyes but your mind must continue to visualize the image you were concentrating on seconds before. Observe at the position of the image in your mind. If it stays clear at the center of your forehead, in the middle of your eyebrows where the third eye is, then you have successful managed to do the Tratak meditation. However, this does not happen in one attempt. You may repeat the procedure until you have felt you did the right practice. For beginners, the Tratak meditation concentration happens in a maximum of 10 minutes.