How Great Is The LPN Salary Range In Reality?

There are quite a few variables that are involved with determining an LPN salary range. The  geographical location of the job is going to play a huge roll in the salary range. The more under represented the area is the higher the salary range will be. Some areas will pay top dollar for an LPN.  It is for this reason that the role of the LPN is moving to the forefront of many states healthcare priorities.

Some states are experiencing a huge shortage in LPN’s hospitals and other health facilities will pay top dollar to bring LPN’s in and to keep them there. There is a whole benefits package that many hospitals will pay if an LPN agrees to relocate to their hospital. In geographic locations where there is a shortage you can expect the LPN salary range to be between fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year (this figure represents the benefit package as well). This is an excellent salary range when you consider the amount of time that one spends going to school. If you are fortunate to live in such a state then there is a good reason to try to take advantage of the potential for high and growing LPN salaries by undertaking the LPN training program as soon as practically possible.

In states that are not experiencing a shortage the salary range is much lower. A new LPN fresh out of school with no experience can expect to make around thirty five to forty five thousand dollars a year. This of course is still an exceptional salary when you consider that there is no experience what so ever. Notwithstanding the fact that overall the range is lower where demand is less keenly felt there still remains great prospects for a generous LPN salary package lasting for the long term.

The LPN salary range can be quite large, finding the best salary may mean moving to an area where the LPN is more appreciated and warranted.