Glitzy and Safe Harley Davidson Helmets

The name Harley Davidson evokes a very distinct class of big and pricey motorcycles.  Motorcycle Clubs, special events and museums help in sustaining a community of loyal owners and buyers. Their popularity gave rise to a whole new set of Harley Davidson products – motorcycle accessories including Harley Davidson helmets.

Originally known as “crash helmets”, this important piece of rider’s equipment was developed as a reaction to the accident of T.E. Lawrence, a.k.a. “Lawrence of Arabia”.  He suffered serious head injuries as a result of a crash in his native England.  He was not wearing any helmet and his injuries resulted in a coma where he never recovered.  He succumbed after six days.  This led his doctor to research the most effective way to prevent this from happening.  The result is what we now called motorcycle helmets.  In many countries, it is unlawful to ride a motorbike if the rider is not wearing a helmet.

At present, we have so many varieties of motorcycle helmets available in the market.  One of the most popular is manufactured by Harley Davidson.  Admittedly, they are pricier than the normal ones.  But buyers of Harley Davidson helmets, as mentioned before, loyal as they are, don’t mind the tag price.  For them, it is just their way to prove their brand loyalty.

There are now various models of these helmets available from a low of about $35.00 to a high of $475.00 or even higher.  Medium priced ones are made of fiberglass shell with highly visible light colored paint.  Technology has inevitably crept into this product as well.  Some helmets have a headset with blue tooth for communication purposes.

The more glitzy ones are those made of lightweight carbon Kevlar shell, complete with the Bluetooth headset.  It comes with the usual graphics made of reflective material on the front, side and back.

There are even Harley Davidson helmets made specifically for women.  They are made to fit specifically the needs of the woman rider.  They are designed with a deeper cavity for a lower profile, a liner to reduce static from the woman’s hair, and a pony-tail notch to give extra room.