Grow Curry Leaf Plant

The word “curry” rings a bell when Indian cuisine is being talked about. But, other countries have their own versions of curry too like the Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis and Filipinos, but the Indians are most popular in cooking this dish.

Aside from the spices, which this dish is well-known to have, the most integral of the ingredients is the curry leaf. The curry leaf is very aromatic and can boost one’s appetite. The curry leaf comes from the curry tree or curry leaf plant. The curry leaf plant is usually small, growing only 4 to 6 centimeters long with a trunk diameter of only up to 40 centimeters. Together with the growth of leaves is the growth of its white, small, but fragrant flowers and black edible berries with poisonous seeds.

The curry leaf plant is one of the most abundant trees grown in Asia because it is fast-growing and low maintenance. And, although the curry leaf plant is best grown hot places, or where there is full exposure to the sun, this kind of plant can withstand winter as well but becomes dormant during that time. Since curry leaf plants are small, growers have an option whether to grow them in pots or on the ground. Of course, it is a no brainer to know if the plant is already mature, and so if one probably thinks that the plant continues to grow beyond 6 cm, then the best option is to plant it on the ground.

The following are the proper cultivation techniques to grow curry leaf plant:

There are two techniques on how to start growing curry leaf plants: stem cutting and ripe seed planting. Curry leaf plants do not want to be waterlogged or become too dry, so you must be consistent in watering them with sufficient amount of water only. When the leaves are mature already and ready for harvest, trim them regularly so that you may maintain a good supply of young curry leaves for your cooking.

When growing curry leaf plants in winter, make sure to place them (if you are growing them in pots) in a frost-free place with temperature of around 18°C. If you are growing them on ground soil, harvest the whole plant and place it on a pot to keep indoors. You may use grow tents to control the light and heat needed.

Like any other plants, curry leaf plants are also susceptible to pests. If this happens, spray them with horticultural oils.