A High Quality Oval Rug Will Last Much Longer Than Cheap Oriental Rugs

While cheap oriental rugs look great when new and they add an exciting oriental flavor to a room, it really is not worth the money you spend on purchasing them. You are much better off to invest in a more expensive rug than to spend money on a floor covering that will last, at worst, only a few months.

People spend a lot of money on floor coverings, including rugs.  Some rugs get little traffic, but in most homes rugs are placed in busy living rooms and under dining tables, where they are in almost constant use each day.  A rug has to be able to stand a lot of wear and tear, and it is this ability that will put a more expensive and better crafted rug above cheaper rugs any day. While you should choose rugs that will fit in with surrounding décor, quality should also be high on your list of importance when deciding which to buy.

A cheap oriental rug really does look good; usually they are bright, unique and often have very intriguing patterns however they will not stand up to the same usage that a high quality oval rug will.  This is especially true if the rug is placed underneath a dining table, for example, where it is not only subject to people walking around the outer edges but also chairs being pushed in and out.

You cannot always tell quality by price alone.  A good quality rug will be finely woven. The backing will be sturdy and not likely to become brittle. The edges are finished in such a way that they will not easily unravel.  A poor quality rug will soon look worn and faded. Unfortunately some rugs are highly priced purely because they are somewhat distinctive, such as with rugs of oriental design. If you are planning on buying a rug make sure that you place quality above design.