Buy the Best Running Shoes for Your Knees

The satisfaction that I get from running is something that I can’t find in any other physical activity or sport. It is an incomparable feeling of exhilaration and physical achievement that is just irreplaceable as far as I am concerned. That is not to say that other work outs, exercises, or sports are not fulfilling by themselves, I just get something different from running. Looking back now, I can say that there was stroke of good fortune when I chose to take up running and also make it my main work out routine. Since I was planning to pick an aerobic exercise as my main exercise anyway, it was just a perfect fit for me.

Ever since I started running and found that I enjoy more than any other, I have never stopped and have never missed a day. Well, almost. Right now, even though I am already over 40 years old, I feel much younger and fitter, and I credit my love for running for that. However, having been running for a few years now, some inevitable wear and tear was due to my legs. Since I was running almost every day since the day I first put on my running shoes, the impact on my legs and feet could not be denied. Running can also affect the knees, and that’s what happened to me the past year, when I experienced some minor knee problems. The best remedy to that is to buy the best running shoes for your knees.

Running Shoes for the Knees

There are times when problems with the knees cannot be avoided by runners, so it would be right to know what the best running shoes for the knees are. What follows are a few of those shoes:

• Mizuno Wave Alchemy 9 – This running shoe from Mizuno makes sure that you are protected from over-pronating the feet, ankles, and hips. The impact of the heel hitting the ground is lessened, and it is designed for stability and comfort.

• Asics Gel 1150 – From Asics, this shoe protects effectively against the impact that is received by the knees during running. The force that is exerted on the inner foot is limited, helping spread the impact as the foot comes into contact with the ground.

• New Balance MP857 – Firmness is this running shoe’s trademark. And for those with bad knees and yet want to go on with their running, this is definitely one of the best options out there today. The pressure that the knees usually receive will be significantly reduced.
• Asics GT2110 – Runners who have medium to low arches would find that this shoe is the best for them. The smooth and stable run that is afforded by this running shoe would do some good for those bad knees.