Is Running Healthy For You: Find the Answer

Picking running as my sport has the simplest of reasons: I believe it is the best exercise that best compliments my lifestyle. My first consideration back then was not about which exercise or work out routine would do the most for me health-wise, but what could fit right in with my lifestyle without too much effort. It turned out that I was fortunate to select running, because it has actually been a very good choice and I have gotten to reap the many benefits that it offers. In time, it not only fit well into my lifestyle, but it rather became my lifestyle. Now that has really been a pleasant surprise for me.

The biggest things that I got from running have been the health-related benefits that have come with it. First of all, I lost a little weight. Not that I needed to lose too many pounds, but through running, I have been able to maintain my ideal weight. And I have improved my stamina because of it, which is something that I particularly liked because I easily ran out of breath in the past. One unexpected benefit that I got from running was being able to improve my discipline, which was lacking a little. Through running and sticking to my workout program, my discipline improved considerably.

The Many Benefits of Running

There are still some who actually doubt if running is really all that beneficial. Here is a list of the many benefits that can be derived form it, and should easily answer the question, is running healthy for you?

• Better concentration and presence of mind seems to be one of the positive effects of running. It can definitely be useful, especially at work.

• Studies have shown that those who run 10 miles or more each week are about 40 percent less likely to use medication for high blood pressure and about 34 percent less likely to need cholesterol medication.

• It has also been shown those who run are less likely to suffer from vision related problems.

• Those who run or work out are more likely to outlive those who do not engage in physical exercise. A study has shown that people who are physically active are about 50 percent less likely to suffer any premature death.

• Running also helps strengthen the bones, with only about 19 percent of runners having spinal or hip problems, which is lower than the percentage of those who engage in other sports.

• Those who run regularly also sleep better than those who do not.