My List of the Best Running Shoes for Underpronators

I got into running because I thought it was easy. As stupid and naïve as that thought may sound now, but that was exactly what I thought of some years back. It factored in my choice of running, because even though at that point I already wanted to have a more regular work out, I was still not ready to commit to it one hundred percent. So I thought of choosing the easiest sport or exercise that is available, and I thought that was running. And boy was that that a big mistake, but in the long run I have been certainly thankful that I decided to run instead of hit the weight room or play some sport or practice martial arts. Whenever I look back and think about it, running has been one of the best decisions I made in my life.

There is no question that I have gotten much more from running than I ever thought I would. After a couple of months into it, I became quite serious when I saw the potential of what it could do to me, the benefits and all that. The great state of my health today is something that I owe directly to my running, and I have also been able to maintain my ideal weight because of it. Aside from that, it ahs allowed me to have a certain level of balance in my life, because I live a healthy and active lifestyle that has contributed to making me a much better individual. That is why right from the start I have made sure that my comfort when I’m running is at its utmost. And the results have been quite satisfactory, as I have not met any major injury or problems with my running. Some friends of mine, who are also runners, have this problem called underpronation, and they need running shoes that would help them deal with it.

Running Shoes for Underpronators

Underpronation is actually a condition where the feet roll inward too much during impact, which flattens the arches of their feet and eventually causes ankle, foot, knee, and even hip problems. The good news is that there running shoes to help with this condition, and runners only need to choose the best running shoes for underpronators.

• Nike Zoom Vomero 4 – Nike makes use of ultrathin cushioning devices, the so-called “zoom” units in the heel and forefoot to help in the cushioning and it also keep the shoes lightweight. This ensures that the foot is nearer the ground, therefore allowing for better maneuverability.

• Mizuno Wave Rider 13 – The Mizuno Wave Rider is different because instead of having flat insoles, it makes use of a shoe support that actually resembles a wave, hence the name. As the foot strikes, the wave compresses between the midsole units to spread the impact that it receives and also serves to guide the foot through its gait. The shoe also features Smooth Ride Engineering that reduces shock and provide some needed stiffness.

• Asics Gel Nimbus 11 – This Asics gel shoe features silicone based gel that lessens the impact on the forefoot. It also has an asymmetrical lacing pattern that enhances its fit, and gender specific cushioning.