This is How to Start a Running Program

Running is the perfect fit for me as a sport. In the past I have always been unsure about the kind of workout or sport that I would like to do on a regular basis. And for that reason, I was very inconsistent with the sports that I played and the workouts that I did. There was absolutely no system, and I might be playing basketball one morning, and I might decide to just lift weights in the afternoon. All because I suddenly decide or think about it. I felt that it was not the best way to go about my fitness. So I sought out an exercise that would benefit me and I would enjoy enough to stick to and not worry about going changing to another one soon. It turned out to be running, and I’m pretty happy that it did.

One huge factor for me was that running complemented my lifestyle in a major way. II was able to find enough time for my running in the midst of my really busy schedule, and that was something big for me. I just love the fact that I am able to keep fit and healthy and also enjoying the workouts because it is not really that difficult or complicated. What I initially did was to incorporate a lot of stretching and simple exercises into it, like push-ups and abdominal exercises. And I must say that it has worked pretty well for me, as I have never really felt better in my life than I have now. In a way that’s the best you can hope to have with such a lifestyle, feeling great and knowing that you really are in the best of health.

Starting a Program

Probably the best thing to do if you have already decided that running is for you is to go on a running program. Yes, that’s the best way to go about it but you also need to remember that you need to have the proper program for it all to be effective and have the necessary impact. From what I have learned, you need to be careful and watch yourself at the beginning, because beginners have a tendency to overdo things. Once that happens, the inevitable result will be injuries, and you will be set back on what you need to do and accomplish before you’ve even started. So the proper way on how to start a running program is really necessary.

The best way is to come along nice and easy, probably doing a two minute walk and then follow it up with a one minute run. Do this for about 20 minutes straight. From this start you could increase the length of time that you devote to running, lessening the ones meant for walking until you are able to run for the whole 20 minutes. Beginners should also avoid running everyday, and would benefit from taking as much as 48 hours of rest between runs. And during the first month, the pace should just be kept slow and easy.