Is Running Stairs Good Exercise for Everyone?

Running is good for the health: an unquestionable and undeniable fact. So many times has this fact been proven time and time again, and it has yielded mostly positive results. Countless number of people have directly benefited from performing running as their regular exercise or a major part of their work out program. Those who have done so have definitely been very thankful of the kind of choice that they made, since it turned out to be the perfect one. That is exactly how I felt when I began to notice the results after I began to run regularly. To some extent, it has even exceeded my expectations about what I can get from it, which is certainly a good thing.

I was resolved to make running a big part of my whole lifestyle, and I was going to do it no matter what. That was the level of my determination which eventually yielded very good results. I became healthier and fitter, and my stamina and endurance improved significantly. And to maintain my interest and drive, I try to vary the venue of my running from time to time. Sometimes I run indoors, making extensive use of my treadmill, and there are also times when I run outdoors, especially if the weather and my schedule allow it. Aside from that, I have also tried different approaches to running, like running stairs. I was initially unsure of the kind of effect that it would have, so I did some research first to answer the question – is running stairs good exercise?

Running Stairs as an Exercise

Running stairs was presented to me as an alternative way to do running by a friend who has also been running for a long time. I tried it, although reluctantly at first. What I was thinking was that I might actually run the risk of injury when I do some running on stairs. Fortunately, I went ahead with it, anyway. It has turned out to be an excellent alternative cardiovascular work out, one that has helped in strengthening my endurance and toughening up my lower body.

Another of its benefits is that I am able to burn more calories through running on stairs. The heightened intensity is the reason for this, beating out other forms of exercise and even simpler forms of running. And with proper resting periods, it will allow for better recovery time. This means considerable improvement in recovery heart rate, which is essential as one gain in fitness and the intensity of his workouts.