How Easy Is Joomla to Use?

Since the year 2000, when Joomla was first established, there has been continued support among users and developers, making Joomla the most popular open source content management system to date. Joomla is a software system that allows web developers—independent, small and medium-sized businesses, and even large organizations—to install a website that can maximize the use of powerful online applications and an array of content files. Many of you might be asking “how easy is Joomla to use?” The short answer is quite easy. Let’s explore why.

Whether the website would be a corporate portal, corporate intranet and extranet, online publication, community-based portal, school and church website, or a personal website, Joomla offers extensive features and extensions for the developer’s website building needs. Joomla has become a popular choice of content management system of those who are not website advanced users. This is because Joomla was designed for easy installation, set up, and administration. In fact, several web developers have compared using Joomla to sending emails. Through Joomla, one can conveniently add content files, whether text documents, photos, music, or videos, effectively manage them, and successfully publish them without a glitch. In the official website of Joomla, you will find detailed instructions on how to install Joomla and you can also have access with its online demo. These strategies created by the Joomla developers make the installation and set up part very easy to understand and execute. And so, as long as you have this detailed instruction on how to move around Joomla, you will never be lost.

Creating a basic website using Joomla is easy, but you may doubt this when you start exploring all of its features and expanding the reach of your website as well. This dilemma is the focus on why Joomla extensions are developed. Joomla is supported by hundreds of coders and application developers that are responsible for creating and modifying Joomla extensions so that users may have a variety of programs that will help them easily establish and customize their websites. If one wants to create an online store using Joomla, he or she can simply go over the list of Joomla extensions in the extension directory and select his or her preferred online store extension and shopping cart application. If one wants to add in a photo slideshow, he or she can select and install a photo gallery extension.

The Joomla Project team is continuously enhancing the system by establishing different Joomla versions. In fact, last July 19, 2011, a newer version of Joomla—Joomla 1.7—was released. New updates and upgrades are established and additional useful awesome applications are developed to maintain the trust, loyalty, and satisfaction of its users.