Is Running Bad for Your Back Or Not?

Running is good for the body, there’s no doubt about it. Those who try to cast even a shadow of a doubt about this is not treading on solid ground at all. That’s because it has been proven time and time again that running can do wonders for the body, especially for the state of those who do run regularly. And of course, it is quite evident that there are more and more runners each year, and each one of those will most likely run for years to come. They will be likely to stick to running for the benefits that it offer, and also because it is a great lifestyle on its own, as I found out for myself when I started lacing up a pair of running shoes.

Personally, running was immediately fun to me, and that was the major factor why I took to it at once. If I had experienced some severe difficulties and discomfort during those early days, then I might not have had the heart to go on with it. That is why I’m thankful that when the time did come that I was experiencing some pain and related issues, I already love running too much and it’s a major part of my lifestyle. But each setback, which was mostly made up of slight discomforts and minor injuries, are always part of an exercise or work out program. Acceptance then became much easier for me. Recently though, I’ve been experiencing a new problem, and I’m not so sure if it is related to running at all.

Running and Back Pain

The back pains that I have been experiencing, however slight, have been quite bothersome. I did some research on the subject just to find out and to see if I can do anything about it. What I found out is that it is a little complicated, since there are many probable causes of back pain. The usual causes are structural problems, like bulging disks, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other related conditions. These might already require surgery to correct, as some of these are already considered serious conditions. Running, being the vigorous exercise that it is can also cause some discomfort in the back. This is due to the impact of the contact between the feet and the ground, causing some stress to the knees, the ankles, and the spine. On the other side of the coin, running ahs also been proven in helping relieve back pain by positively affecting some common causes such as obesity, too much stress and living a sedentary lifestyle. So is running bad for your back? The answer seems to be yes and no, as it can help relieve back pain, while in other instances also contribute to it, which clearly makes it a case to case basis.