Some Ways to Get Links to Your Website

To search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google, links to your website are like votes that say you are important and popular, which makes your website appear closer to the top of their search results pages. So, links can be very influential, and here are some ways to get them.

Directories are a simple option, since their whole function is to link to websites, ideally while providing some relevant promotional content about them too. Niche directories like this boating directory can help to relate your website with its subject, and local directories such as this Devon business directory can help to associate it with its geographical location for local searches.

If you can write humorously or informatively about your subject, you could add a blog to your website to encourage other people to post comments and link to your articles. You can also write articles as a guest author on other people’s blogs, or submit them to article directories for others to post on their websites. If you are an expert in your subject, post useful comments in forums, with a link to your website in your signature text.

Social media does not provide many links directly, but can be a great way to get your business known, and eventually encourage links from others. A Facebook page or Twitter account can be a good way to promote special offers and get feedback from your customers, while YouTube is good if you can promote your website or business using videos.

If you sell products through your websites, you could consider posting a discount code on voucher websites, or submitting it to price comparison websites.

Although it’s good to get any link to your website, the best links to have as votes for your site will be from related, important websites, using your keywords. These links can be much harder to get, which is why many businesses pay SEO services to get them.