A Brief History of Heater Repair and HVAC systems

The Romans were the first people to use heating devices. The Romans used heating devices to heat public baths. These devices used to transmit heat through air ducts. The modern HVAC systems also use air ducts to transmit heat and also for purposes of ventilation and air conditioning. HVAC systems have gained immense use especially in the 21st century. These systems are systems that facilitate proper heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling of buildings.

Most recent systems also support refrigeration. As mans construction and architectural abilities advances, so is man’s ability to facilitate proper ventilation and heating of such buildings. Complex heating devices used to heat buildings nowadays are so advanced that diagnosis of mechanical problems can be done easily and heater repair also done easily.

In the 19th century, scientists began being interested in developing advanced heating and air conditioning systems. Popular scientists who made awesome inventions in the ventilating and heating niche include Michael Faraday and William Rankine. Apart from Faraday and Rankin, other scientists who have made notable contributions are: Nikolay Lvov, Reuben Trane, Willis Carrier and Sadi Carnot. In the 20th and21st century particularly, great strides have been made in the heating and ventilation niches. One of the notable strides is the formation of a body in America that regulates research, education and manufacturing in this niche. This body is called ASHRAE.

Nowadays, manufacturing of heaters and heater repair are done under supervision of mechanical engineers with particular competency in the niche of heaters. Such individuals usually have thorough knowledge on such fields as: system design, operation and maintenance of heating systems and manufacturing and repair of such systems. In the world today, there is high demand for mechanical engineers with a bias for heating systems.

There have been massive strides in the field of manufacturing of heaters and heater repair since the Romans made the first heater around 1000 years ago. Now local hvac companies like Atlanta Heating Repair owe their very existence to these original pioneers.